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Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of geogrid, geotextile, composite geogrid, hdpe geocell, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, erosion control mat, hdpe geonet in China, is a leading company in the geosynthetics industry, specializing in soil reinforcement products and solutions to address even the toughest challenges.

Geogrid is a new construction material mainly use for reincement in dam, roadbed, coal mine, soft roil, slop reinforced and so on. The geogrid material are Plastic ( PP & HDPE ), Polyester, Fiberglass, Steel-plastic, composite with nonwoven geotextile.


High strength, low elongation. Improve roadbed bearing capacity, limit soil lateral displacement. Anti-acid and alkai, strong anti-corrosion and rust resistance, long lifetime. Prevent road collapse and crack, prevent soil and water loss in slope, high safety factor.

Mainly Application:

Slop protection, retaining wall reinforcement. Roadbed reinforcement in highway, railway, road, airport and so on. Soft soil foundation, mine roadway engineering, underground civil engineering, etc.