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Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and supplier of erosion control mat in China, our leading products are chopped strand mats, E-glass chopped strand mats, C-glass chopped strand mats, fiberglass geogrids, polyester gegorids, geogrids, geonets, geocells, safety fences, warp-knitted geogrids, steel welded geogrids and geo-mattress. They have been widely used in the fields of highway, railway, reservoir, airport and mine.

    Erosion Control Mat

  • Three-dimensional Vegetation Network
    Three-dimensional Vegetation Network

    1. Protect land surface from the erosion of rain and wind before turf grows up.
    2. It can make the grass seeds uniformly dispersed over sloping surface solidly against wind and rain.
    3. Black net patch can absorb heat energy greatly, increase earth moisture, promote seed pullulating and prolong vegetative period.
    4. Its rough surface can make wind and water produce incalculable vortices on the net patch surface so as to play the damping effect and urge the carrier deposit in net patch.

  • Erosion Protection Matting
    Erosion Protection Matting

    Erosion Control Drainage Mat is a Three Dimensional HDPE Geonet or in form of honeycombs water permeable polymer or other synthetical material structures, several layers thermal bonded together. They are widely used for fixing soil, grass and small plants roots, also applied in geosynthetics and other construction field. The three dimensional structure retains a layer of top soil and anchors for growing grass roots thus providing a stable surface highly resistant the forces of rain drops and wash away. Erosion Control Mat is widely used for creating stable vegetation along river, pond banks and slopes to prevent erosion on processes of surfaces.