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Geonet is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and anti-ultraviolet radiation additives. It has the characteristics of anti-aging and anti-corrosion. Geonet can be made into rectangular, square or tubular cages that are installed directly underwater without costly diving operations. As the main manufacturer and supplier of Geosynthetics in China, we can produce all models of geonet, such as triplanar geonet, three dimensional hdpe geonet, two dimensional hdpe geonet. They have been widely used in the fields of highway, railway, reservoir, airport and mine. We are looking forward to establishing long-term cooperation relationship with you.

    HDPE Geonet

  • Triplanar Geonet
    Triplanar Geonet

    They are designed to transmit fluids and gasses uniformly under many field conditions.
    Triplanar geonet is made of HDPE and anti-ultraviolet additives, which has the anti-aging, corrosion resistance properties.

  • Three Dimensional HDPE Geonet
    Three Dimensional HDPE Geonet

    Product’s main material is high-polymers (high density polyethylene, low density polyethylene, polypropylene, etc). By adding an appropriate amount of micro-added raw materials, such as anti-UV agent, after extrusion process and special rotating head, then form into two-dimensional geonet. It has anti-aging, anti-corrosion and other excellent features, with a certain degree of rigidity and tensile strength.

  • Two Dimensional HDPE Geonet
    Two Dimensional HDPE Geonet

    Two-Dimension Drainage Geonet with high density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials, through special process, the two root rib in a certain distance and Angle arrangement, staggered at the intersection of double rib form drainage channel. Has high tensile strength and compressive strength, rib between a drainage channel in the higher load is out of shape not easily, it can prevent geotextileembedded geotextile net core, ensure drainage unblocked.