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Geocomposite Membrane

Geocomposite Membrane


    Geocomposite Membrane has the performances of woven geotextile and nonwoven geotextile, and can be widely used in projects, such as railway, highway.

    Description of Geocomposite Membrane

    Composite Geomembrane is HDPE geomembrane heat bonded nonwoven geotextile on one side or both sides by calendaring processing technology, The composite geomembrane can provide the advantages of both geotextiles and geomembranes. It remains the mechanical properties of base geotextile, meanwhile improves the impermeability.

Features of Geocomposite Membrane

Composite Geomembrane is composited by filament geotextile or short fiber geotextile and PE film by hot compound. It has excellent flat drainage and anti-seepage property. It can be divided into one geotextile plus one geomembrane and two geotextile plus one geomembrane. The width is 4M~ 6M. Grammage is from 400g/m2 to 1500g/m2. It can be applied under unconventional temperature surroundings because it selects High Polymer Material and adds aging proof agent. Composite geomembrane is widely used in water conservancy projects, building, transportation, subway, tunnel, constructions etc.

Application of Geocomposite Membrane

Applied to the projects of landfill, waste water treatment, dam, pool, filth treatment site, road, railway, subway and tunnel etc.

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