Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite

Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite


    High tensile polyester fiberglass mesh geogrid and geo grid composite geotextile fabric for asphalt road bed reinforcement in various constructions.

    Description of Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite

    Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite is the composite of polyester geogrid combined with nonwoven fabric or geotextile. It installed between two asphalt layers, the main function is to reduce reflective and fatigue cracking, reduce rutting, extend pavement structural life.

    polyester geogrids: 25*25KN, 30*30KN, 40*40KN, 50*50KN, 60*60KN, 80*80KN, 100*100KN, 120*120KN

    Nonwoven fabric: 20g/ 30g/ 50g/ 80g/ 100g or do customerised as per your requirements.

Features of Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite

1. Good tensile strength.

2. High modulus of elasticity.

3. Good temperature resistance.

4. High water permeability and filtration.

5. Tear resistance, anti-dissemination, long service life.

Application of Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite

1. Airport runways, taxiways, roads, bridges, parking lots, jointed concrete highways to control reflective cracking.

2. High traffic pavement to control of rutting.

3. New highway construction, and other road maintenance/repair jobs to improve pavement life.

Production Line of Asphalt Reinforcement Geocomposite

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Feicheng Lianyi Engineering Plastic Co., Ltd has been a leader market for more than 16 years in manufacturing geosynthetics material for domestic and export markets.

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